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If you've like many recreational divers, you've probably wondered what it woudl be like to go beyond the normal PADI limits and into the world of technical diving.

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Now there's a way to experience the thrill of tech without making the big academic and financial commitment usually required.


The new PADI Tec Basics Distrinctive Specialty course gives recreational divers an opportunity to gain exposure to tech diving,and learn and practice entry level tech diving skills.


PADI Tec Basics is taught entirely within recreational diving limits, using segments from DSAT Tec Deep Diver course.


And, should you like it and wish to continue on, your dives are credited toward the full Tec Deep course.


Course Overview. Classroom: During this two-day course, you'll read chapters 1 and 2 of the Tec Deep manual and complete the knowledge reviews for each.


This may be done as pre-study. You'll go over these questions with your instructor.


Confined Water:


You'll make two training dives in the swimming pool. For these dives you'll calculate a turn pressure based on thirds and write it on your slate.

You'll also use the Equipment Check List slate and analyze your gas.


Open Water:


You'll make two Open Water dives between 24 and 40 meters. Here you'll apply the skills you learned in the pool.


Required Equipment.


To take the Tec Basics course, you'll need all of the following.


Included in the course.


Required by the student.



Tec Basics Speciality Course:


2 Days: 2 Dives.


15,000 Baht.

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